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Sustainable Procurement Resource Centre

Network and exchange

ICLEI provides a number of opportunities for people to meet and exchange on the topic of SPP

  • Procura+ Network - A network of public authorities which provides support in implementing sustainable public procurement, promotes their achievements and fosters exchange on good practice from public procurers and experts internationally.

  • Procura+ Exchange - A free-to-join, information and exchange mailing list for people working in or with public authorities to share their sustainable purchasing know-how and to broaden their expertise. In English, French and German. There are approximately 500 subscribers.
  • Procura+ seminars - Annual seminars on specific SPP topics for between 50 - 100 participants. These provide an opportunity for learning about the latest SPP news and best practice, and for face-to-face exchange.
  • EcoProcura conferences - Happening every 2-3 years, the EcoProcura conference series is the biggest of its kind on SPP in Europe. Up to 350 purchasers, policy-makers, multipliers, supplier and manufacturers meet to discuss and share experiences.
  • The Procurement Forum - A specially designed professional online networking space for procurers to share information and discuss experiences, problems and solutions. Users can also create private groups, which are ideal for developing and coordinating projects involving numerous partners. The Forum is free of charge to use.


To find out how to get more closely involved in ICLEI's current SPP projects, or the Procura+ Network, visit our Get Involved section