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Services on sustainable and innovation procurement

ICLEI's Sustainable Economy and Procurement team provides a wide variety of services to public authorities to assist in starting or further developing sustainable procurement - no matter what size or experience your organisation has.   

Services can be delivered in a number of different languages: English, Spanish, German or Italian. ICLEI's approach can be tailored to suit the needs of the organisation. Where appropriate, ICLEI can involve trainers from other institutions or experts from local authorities that also work on sustainable procurement in your country.

Procura+ participants and ICLEI members receive a 25% discount.

Past clients

We have worked with ICLEI for a number of years and have found their advice and support very useful.” Beat von Felten, Project Manager, City of Zürich.

ICLEI provided a tailor-made training for our teachers that is a strong support to include sustainable public procurement in our Curricula.” Holger Wendel, Director, Centre for Vocational and Advanced Training/College of Administration, Bremen, Germany.

We have provided services and delivered training to a range of organisations. Some example organisations include: City of Bremen, City of Hanover, City of Munich and Federal Procurement Agency of the Ministry for Interior, Germany; Tuscan Region, Province of Milano, Italy; City of Lille, France; City of Zurich, Switzerland; City of Barcelona, Spain; City of Kolding, Denmark; Leicester City Council and Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; United Nations Environment Programme; European Commission and World Bank among many others.

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